Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Day + 6

The days are moving along and boring continues. Although Eric hasn't had a fever in a while, the doctors are still suspicious of his lungs. He has had another chest xray, CT scan and will have a second broncoscopy today. So far nothing definitive is showing up but he does have a sore congested throat. Fortunately, it's not affecting his breathing or causing a fever.

On a brighter note, he did complain today that he wasn't allowed to eat until after the broncoscopy! Considering he has had NO appetite - I am taking this complaint as good news.

I am still snowed in at home. Traffic in Ottawa is absolutely outrageous today with the constant snowfall (2 days now) piling up and the bus drivers on strike. With a bit of luck, the snow may settle down this afternoon and they will be able to get the roads cleared so I can get into the hospital. I hate being stuck here! Glad this is an inpatient transplant this time round.


Veronica said...

It IS just as well that Eric is inpatient this time round......thank goodness! Your weather sounds awful - isn't it amazing how the snow, which happens every year, still manages to cause so much chaos!! It's the same in Scotland - we always seem to be suprised when it starts to snow!!!
Have the docs said what they're concerned about regarding Eric's lungs? - if he's got no symptoms, what is causing concern?
Hope everything continues to progress in this uneventful fashion......:0) to you all.......Vx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!!!
I think Boring is
The SNOW was CRAZy yesterday eh?!?!? We had so much fun with the wee girl playing outside though so we embraced it LOL
Glad Eric is looking fwd to FOOD - GOOD SIGN! We'll be thinking of him today!!! :)
As always - BIG HUGS xoxox