Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Looking at a better 2009

It has been two steps forward and one step back lately (sometimes even one step forward and two steps back....).

In the good news column, Eric's blood counts are rising dramatically now. This is a good sign for him.

In the not good news column, the pain in his side turned out to be a couple of tiny abscesses on his liver. While not uncommon following a transplant, he didn't need this new bump in the road. It's causing pain and is just one more complication. Fortunately, this type of abscess will respond to a specific antibiotic. And with recovering white counts, he can come off some of the other prophalactic antibiotics.

So it looks like he'll be in the hospital a while longer. He is still not eating so he needs to be on TPN, he needs IV antibiotics and he needs to be inpatient for pain control.

He's been down lately - certainly understandable. He does have his internet access back again (it's a pilot program in the hospital and I guess there is not a process in place to fix it when it doesn't work - took a while to get it back on). He does read his email and blog comments even if he can't always respond. We all appreciate the kind words, prayers and good thoughts. Thank you.


Veronica said...

Hi guys - Good riddance 2008 - 2009 has got to be better for many and especially for you two.
Wishing nothing but the best for your family. Health and happiness go hand in hand - we wish both for you in bucketfuls.

Love and best wishes - always in our thoughts, wishing we could do more...........Vx

bella said...

Hi Eric -

I have been following you and your journey through your mother's posts on and this blog.
You certainly have shown us all what strength, courage and determination you have. This is undoubtedly the most difficult journey you will ever face; keep the momentum; keep up the fight; before too long you will be looking back at all of this.

Remember that God is with you on this journey....have faith in Him.


Kara said...

Eric, you are going to rock 2009! Dont forget it! Im getting ready to go into transplant, and this is the year for us being cured!


Anonymous said...

Eric - RISING numbers ...YAY!!!
I really hope you start to feel better soon!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR...Praying that 09 is YOUR YEAR xoxo

Shelley Jean Photography said...

Happy New Year Eric! I'm so happy to hear about the rising numbers. Bumps in the road happen, and I'm sure you'll beat them. :)

Love you.