Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Done and Back to Class

Five days of ATG done. While that's not the end of treatment, it's the end of the hospital stay and Eric is back in class today. Lucky guy escapes the hospital to face a math midterm.....

He has blood tests mid week and will get blood if needed and then a follow up appointment on Friday.

Big shout out to all my colleagues at Convergys who organized a very successful first blood donor clinic last week. Thank you! And they are already busy planning the next one for the end of September. Way to go donors and organizers!


Veronica said...

What a guy your son is.........hope he's feeling much better and did himself proud in his mid-term!!! Most people would use hospitalisation as an excuse (and a pretty good one at that!!) to miss an exam, but not Eric!! ;0)

hope the ATG has been a success........Vx

shelley said...

Glad everything went well Eric. Good luck on the Math exam! Haha...!