Sunday, 26 July 2009

A Short Stay!

Hurray! Eric was 'sprung' yesterday as his fever was gone and he had no signs of infection. The fever he did have combined with the rash and joint pains are classic signs of serum sickness induced by the ATG. Prednisone daily will help diminish those symptoms. Until we are sure what's going on (or not), Eric will drop into the hospital for a daily blood draw and fluid.

Hopefully, that's it for side effects and now we wait for a response from the ATG treatment - sounds like that takes a while (3-9 months?) - but Eric's counts have been somewhat better this week. And that's encouraging and we'll take it.

In other news, Dexter was a brat this weekend at shows in Kingston - he's SO full of himself... Today's judge, bless his heart, saw past the naughty teenage boy and gave him the point. Step One to his championship.


Veronica said...

Hooray for Eric being sprung!! Glad to hear they've got everything under control and that you've got positives to focus on

And you wouldn't love Dexter so much if he wasn't so full of personality (as everyone also tells me about my 2nd daughter who also sometimes displays brattish behaviour!!) ;0)

Hope this week brings nothing but good things for you all......Vx

Adrienne said...

It's good to hear that the hospital stay was short and "life" is getting back to normal. Here's to a quiet week for all of us.

Moe too is acting teenager-ish. Luckily, he's too small to get into much trouble.

Hugs, Alison and Adrienne