Monday, 27 July 2009


Wow! And I don't mean World of Warcraft wow....

For anyone who has read this blog for a while, you'll remember that we have tried to ignore blood counts. All of us found that we focused too much on those numbers. Poor numbers or a slight drop could ruin an otherwise fine day.

But today's numbers are astonishing!

Hgb > 119 (up from 105 after a transfusion last week and it was regularly dropping to 60-70 when all this started a month ago)
WBC > 3.3 (it was below 1.0 just 10 days ago)
Platelets > 31 (up from 12 just 10 days ago)

Obviously we are thrilled to see this graft back in action. Eric will continue to go in daily for blood tests and fluids. It's a fairly quick visit and should be able to be scheduled around class. I am not sure that there is a definitive answer to what was wrong - but we are liking the results of treatment!


Veronica said...

FANTASTIC news! :0)
Hoping that this truly is the answer to all Eric's difficulties...........hugs......<3

Neil Wiernik said...

awesome news Im so happy to read this!!!!!!!!

Bekah said...

Whooop! Lovin' it.

<3 B