Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Membership Has It's Privileges?

One benefit of being part of the frequent flyer program in the BMT unit (or part of the cool kids club as one of my favorite friends calls it...) is that you get speedy service. Eric got a call this morning and was formally admitted today (although he is back home for the evening). Tomorrow he will get his PICC line inserted, get blood to top him up and start ATG. When he got there the 'TV Guy' was already installing his TV and told him that he had 9 days of credit from his last stay (you may remember that TV is a must have when you are hooked up to an IV all day). Cor says they are all afraid of me, but I think they all just really like Eric - so they make sure he gets special attention.

So, off we go -- fully expecting that ATG will solve this nuisance of a problem. Eric, you're a true hero. And that is not even Mom's bias showing through....


Veronica said...

Kathy - trust you to find a way to make us smile in the midst of all this heartache!! HUGS.....<3

And 'true hero' is right, Eric - hang in there - enjoy the free TV! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of and praying for Eric, and you Kathy, as always. I hope Eric feels well enough to come home today. Yes, he is a true hero! XO, Maureen