Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Not Yet

No stem cells ready today -- all Eric's blood counts are low so today he was treated to a couple of units of blood and a unit of platelets.

Again -- so many many thanks to those of you who are blood donors.

I just noticed on the Canadian Blood Services website that there is an immediate need for O- blood.... yep, that would be Eric!


Kendell said...

I tried to give last week and the nurse rolled my vein so it closed up...even though they didn't get much blood out I can't donate for another 2 months and I'm O Neg too. Very silly!
I'm trying to get 'cha some Eric! Crossing my fingers for your next stem cell round!

SkinnyKitty said...

Gave last week too. I won't be giving now until the end of May, after my marathon! My fingers are crossed for you too Eric - I'm willing your stem cells to get out into your blood stream to be collected.