Monday, 3 March 2008

Priorities and Wait Times

Yahoo! Eric has an appointment for an MRI on Wednesday at 9am! My faith in the Ontario health care system has been somewhat restored.

The wait time for an MRI in Ottawa is sitting at 341 days today, but clearly the system looks at prioritizing patients and needs. As a 21 year-old needing a bone marrow transplant, I had expected that Eric would be high on the priority list - and it seems that is, indeed, the case.

We have been intimately involved with the Ontario Health Care system over the past 2 years and in spite of all the horror stories we hear reported, this is the first time that I felt the system may be having a negative impact on Eric's quality of care.

I am obviously relieved that long wait times will not impact Eric. But a 341 day wait time (Ontario has set the target wait time at 28 days) for an MRI in Ottawa is still unacceptable.

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Duane said...

Hi Kathy,

What a fantastic blog about your son, Eric! I'll be sure to check in regularly.

I added a link to your site on my blog.

Wishing Eric continued strength,